#45: The church in a post-Christian context (with Rohadi)

You can go and follow your calling without permission. If you’re in an established community, don’t leave, do it right where you are. And as you do, celebrate the simple wins. We don’t have to reinvent everything.
— Rohadi

Our series for pastors and church leaders continues with Rohadi, a Canadian church planter, entrepreneur, author and speaker hailing from Calgary. We discussed the importance of creating safe spaces for people to live out the gospel in their unique racial, cultural and neighbourhood contexts. Rohadi argues that the church has not been marginalized by anyone in particular but by its own failure to act. In addition, he says many Canadians have deflected issues of race and culture as being American problems, and that Canada, and the Canadian church, are just as much in need of waking up.

Resources mentioned:

Thrive: Ideas for Leading the Church in Post-Christendom, by Rohadi
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