Fathers Leaders Kings - COMING SOON


So much in our lives makes us feel powerless and insignificant. It seems everything conspires against us. Far too many of us have suffered under leadership that is controlling and manipulating, subjugating and fear-based. Where can we find “greater love hath no man than this” when so few seem willing to lay down their lives for anyone? Surely there’s more to life, leadership and service than what we’ve seen so far.

How would life be different if you believed that you were powerful, beautiful and free?

Where would you be if your leaders served you, promoted you, and got out of the way when their season was complete?

Who would you be if a few special people were willing to lay down their lives for you, and offer themselves as living sacrifices for you to become all that you could be?

What could the world around you look like if you started to live this way yourself, right now?

In Fathers, Leaders, Kings, Jonathan Puddle paints a vivid picture of life, service and sacrifice that is infused with the love of God. You will discover freedom and responsibility that you never dreamed possible. You will see your mundane 9 to 5 work life transformed with the glory of God himself. You will fall in love with a God who created you with passion and freedom in mind from the very beginning.

God has always desired a people that would be released in power and beauty, who would bring the paradise of relationship with Him to the rest of the world. That invitation is still in our hands. We can become a people like this, serving the world around us effectively and graciously. Join Jonathan as he draws you into a dynamic, hope-filled future where powerful people willingly lay down their lives for each other at home, at work, and at church. You will never be the same.

Many of us are asking how a follower of Jesus should interact with the world in order to bring the Kingdom into every part of it? Jonathan has done a masterful job tackling this question.
— Eric Johnson, Bethel Redding
A calming agent to a manic leadership culture, a revitalizing stimulant to an anemic church.
— Frank Viola, bestselling author of "From Eternity to Here" and "God's Favorite Place on Earth."

You Are The Solution to Someone's Problem


Every person on this planet is unique, and they see God and the world around them in a way that is unlike anyone else. 

That means that somewhere along the line, you'll be able to provide the solution to someone's problem, in a way that is uniquely you. It'll seem like they were waiting for you all this time.

Because they were.

If you've ever felt passed over, ignored, or like you just couldn't play the game everyone else was playing, then this book is for you. 

In You Are The Solution to Someone's Problem, Jonathan Puddle lays out the nature of waiting, and discusses how to keep your your heart sweet while you wait for your big day: the day that you provide the solution to someone's problem. 


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