#43: The Church as Destiny Incubator (with Michael Brodeur)

Jesus died so that every single follower would be a priest and a king unto their God. The idea that most of us would be spectators or consumers of Christianity is not what Jesus had in mind.
— Michael Brodeur

Michael Brodeur is a pastor to pastors, and the brains behind pastorscoach.com. We discussed church growth vs church health, evangelism, the megachurch model, and the differences between family churches and factory churches. Michael told me that part of the spiritual responsibility of leaders is to help people discover their unique gift mix, their unique passions and dreams, and to get them on a path towards that outcome. If you’re in pastoral ministry of any kind, you need to listen to this.

Resources mentioned:

Revival Culture: Prepare for the Next Great Awakening, by Michael Brodeur & Banning Liebscher
Destiny Finder: A Practical Approach to Unlocking Your Destiny, by Michael Brodeur.
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