#27: The Church in American Exile (with Brian Zahnd)

The church in America should see itself living within a great empire, a Babylon, and we have to navigate what it means to be faithful to Christ in that situation.
— Brian Zahnd

Brian Zahnd joined me on the Puddcast to discuss the multi-faceted nature of the church, the richness of spiritual diversity, and how to be faithful witnesses to Christ while living inside a dominant empire. Brian told me that scripture maintains a sustained critique of empire, because what empire claims for itself (to have the divine right to rule others and the manifest destiny to shape history), is the very thing God has promised us through his son. Sounds like a great premise for a book! Oh wait…


Postcards from Babylon: The Church in American Exile, by Brian Zahnd
Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God, by Brian Zahnd
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