#21: Towards a New World

The God who is truth and love itself walked the earth to show us what he is like: gentle and powerful, wholesome and strong, totally selfless and willing to transform everything. He is relentlessly dedicated to establishing his new world in the midst of our ruins.
— Jonathan Puddle

God does not need Christianity nor any other world religion. In fact, I believe that the building of organized Christian religion is steadily burning down, and while I know that terrifies many people I for one am thrilled because I don’t dream of a day when everyone is a Christian, or goes to church, or reads the Bible; I dream of a new world entirely. The God who is endlessly good and who holds everything together has created all of existence as a celebration of life itself and he doesn’t need us to do anything for him, to impress him, to please him, or even to worship him. Rather he invites us to make him the Lord & King of our lives so that we may live in freedom and enjoy all of the benefits of living in his new world, right now.

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