#9: Insurgence - Preaching the King and his Kingdom (with Frank Viola)

When you talk about Jesus, the response is often “Oh yeah, he’s my saviour. I’ve got the t-shirt, let’s move on.” But if you’ve really seen the Christ of the New Testament, there IS nothing else. The rest of life is a pursuit of knowing him, exploring him, and learning how to live by his indwelling life.

Frank Viola is the author of many books on Christian living and theology, 8 of which have been bestsellers. He is also a well regarded blogger and conference speaker. Frank and I discussed the Gospel of the Kingdom, what happens when you fall in love with Jesus, and how the church can be reformed from within by radical Kingdom cells.


Insurgence, by Frank Viola
Pagan Christianity, by Frank Viola
Reimagining Church, by Frank Viola
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Those who forsake all in response to the Gospel of the Kingdom end up inheriting what the apostles inherited, what Paul of Tarsus inherited, what the early church inherited, and that is they inherit the conscious presence of Jesus Christ. He is our inheritance.