#24: Earning the Right to be Heard (with Carlos A. Rodríguez)

In Puerto Rico, you earn the right to be heard by attending to the need that’s in front of you. I love praying for people, leading them to Jesus and seeing how we can help them spiritually, but I earn the right to do that in a context of friendship when I’m fixing their roof and filling their bellies.
— Carlos A. Rodríguez

Carlos A. Rodríguez is the editor of HappySonship.com and founder of TheHappyGivers, an NPO dedicated to alleviating poverty, supporting prisoners and feeding children. Carlos and I discussed how to earn the right to be heard and how being on mission unifies us and helps us move past divisive political or theological debates. He also provided an inside look at ongoing disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico, and gave us some clues about his next book.


Drop the Stones, by Carlos A. Rodriguez
Simply Sonship, by Carlos A. Rodriguez
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