#23: Adoption & Identity (with Michelle Wuesthoff)

The spirit of adoption is home. A place to belong. It’s a permanency that can’t be rattled or taken away. It also means full access and inheritance. It’s not just the keys to the Kingdom, it’s the means by which we receive the heartbreakingly lavish, reckless love of the Father.
— Michelle Wuesthoff

Michelle Wuesthoff is a life coach, author and mother of 5, of whom 4 came through international adoption. Michelle and I discussed our children’s stories, those narratives that help them fit into the world; reliance on God in the face of our inability to raise children in our own strength; and the God who stands outside our hearts waiting for the slightest crack to open up, to let his love in.


Grafted In: Leading your Orphan Heart to the Spirit of Adoption, by Michelle Wuesthoff
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