The one who abused you isn't your enemy

Your parents aren't the enemy.
Your kids aren't the enemy.
Your wife isn't the enemy.
Your husband isn't the enemy.
Your boss isn't the enemy.
That man who abused you isn't the enemy.
That woman who lied about you isn't the enemy.
The terrorists aren't the enemy.
The pro-choicers aren't the enemy, and neither are the pro-lifers.
The gays, the straights, the two-spirited and the cisgendered aren't the enemy.
The liberals, the republicans, the anarchists, the athiests, none of these are your enemy.

You and I all have only one enemy, and his name is Satan. He would like you to think that you have many enemies and that you should focus your attention and aggression on them. But he's a liar. He is our only enemy, and every single one of us is a victim of his violence and deceit.

That person who wronged us? They're a victim too. They've been tormented by the same enemy that has tormented us. In this, we both have solidarity. That doesn't mean we have to trust or permit abusers any access to us, but it removes our right to judgement and condemnation because we too have hurt people when we were deceived by the enemy and blinded to the pain we were causing.

Understanding this helps us dismantle our walls and extend grace and forgiveness and mercy to everyone.

Because everyone has been victimized by our one, shared enemy.
Between us humans? All there is room for is love.