At the feet of Jesus


We can interact with Jesus in many different ways.

We can pray to Jesus and interact with him reverently and spiritually.
We can adore him and interact with him intimately and passionately.
We can obey him by following his voice and interact with him through faithfulness.
We can serve him by helping the poor and interact with him in the least of these.
We can care for him by pouring out oil on his body, the Church, interacting with him communally.
We can eat of his body and drink of his blood and interact with him mystically in Communion / the Eucharist.

When God invited our family to leave Finland and return to Canada, he said to me, "Would you come, if I promised you nothing at all?" In my heart, I responded, "Yes, Lord. All I want to do is sit at your feet."

At the time, my understanding of the practical outworking of "sitting at Jesus' feet" was solely spiritual and intimate, adoring Jesus in times of private worship. This was informed by the particular flavour of Christian culture that I grew up with. I think we often have a temptation to grab on to one thing and assume that's it... and then when we learn something new, to throw out what we had and replace it wholesale. I could easily say that today, my understanding of  "sitting at Jesus' feet" is serving his body, the Church, and I could feel that it was somehow superior.

But the truth is, it's all a manifestation of sitting at Jesus' feet. Everything we do for one another is serving God himself, and when we serve God alone in worship and adoration, we also serve each other.