#39: A More Christlike God (with Brad Jersak)

God says, “I ransomed you out of Egypt, I redeemed you from slavery to Pharoah.” But that had nothing to do with payment, in fact, they plundered Egypt. And this is what Christ has freely done for the whole world: he has rescued us, redeemed us, ransomed us, from the bondage of Satan, sin and death.
— Brad Jersak

Brad Jersak is an author and teacher who was raised Evangelical before embracing charismatic then Eastern Orthodox values and church practice. Drawing from a broad palette of theological understanding, Brad shared his thoughts about the God we see in Jesus, what The Cross was really about, and how to deal with Old Testament violence. In Brad's words, “The law says there must be a payment. But Christ comes and freely forgives. The ledger is not paid off, it is wiped off. God effectively says, ‘If you don’t repent… I will!’”


A More Christlike God, by Bradley Jersak
Jesus Showed Us! by Bradley Jersak & Sheri-Anne Vis
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