#35: Love, justice and universalism (with Wm. Paul Young)

The Good News of the cross is that you, and all of creation, are included. Now, let’s talk about what that means relationally because you can say no. You get to choose whether you participate in the salvation that was accomplished for all.
— Wm. Paul Young

So I’m talking to William Paul Young, and I’m thinking, “Man, I’ve got the author of The Shack and Lies We Believe About God right here. Do I ask him about universalism? Does he believe God is a woman? What does he believe about hell? Can I ask to see his heretic card? Where do I even begin?!” I ended up asking him some of those questions (though not all of them), and we had a beautiful, dynamic conversation centred on the intersection of love and justice in the context of Christ’s finished work on the cross. Beware… this podcast might change your life.

Contains a few instances of slightly strong language. Enjoy!


The Shack, by Wm. Paul Young
Lies We Believe About God, by Wm. Paul Young
The Shack Revisited, by C. Baxter Kruger
Cross Roads, by Wm. Paul Young
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