#5: I Can Only Imagine / Black Panther (with Priscilla Shirer)

The church is her best self when the diversity of God’s body is represented.
— Priscilla Shirer

Priscilla Shirer is a phenomenal teacher, author, actress, wife, and mother (though she wouldn't list them in that order herself). Having previously starred in War Room, she plays a small role in I Can Only Imagine, the film which tells the story all about MercyMe's hit song. Priscilla and I discussed minority representation in film and ministry, balancing your career and family goals, and the importance of both excellence and spiritual passion. She dropped some amazing bombs on me.

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Whatever your artistic medium, when you package and present your art in a way that is palatable and favourable to the community around you, you are rolling out a red carpet for the message of God.
— Priscilla Shirer

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