Pain for the Gift


A good friend is about to give birth to their fourth baby. She's overdue, in fact, and is about to be induced. That baby will be a unique gift to the world. It will be unlike anyone else and will see God in a light all of its own. It will see solutions to problems no one else can see and will have a distinct calling on its life. But before any of that comes to pass, my friend has to endure great pain to bring that baby forth.

So in birth, and so in life.

You carry within you great gifts, gifts that the world needs. Gifts that can only be brought into the world through great pain. Are you willing to endure the pain of waiting, the pain of maturation, the pain of character development, the pain of rejection, so that the gift you carry can be brought forth into the world? 

I can think of no greater gift given to mankind than Jesus, the Son of God, who came to earth, died on a cross, was resurrected, and returned to his father so that his very spirit could come and dwell within us. What a gift! And yet what pain the Father had to endure as he watched our great hatred be poured out upon his son. Pain God was willing to endure, that we might benefit from the gift. 

What gift do you carry, secretly inside of you?
Whatever it is, we need it, and we are waiting.

It will require pain to bring it forth, but that's what makes it so valuable.

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