Live Freely. Love Powerfully.


The modern world thinks of freedom as complete autonomy to do anything you like. It's a great idea, until your freedom bumps up against someone else's freedom.

The ancient world thought of freedom differently. The Greeks, for example, thought of freedom as specifically being free to pursue righteousness. A free person would never wrong someone, because that was an invalid usage of their freedom. 

I think there's something there for us to explore. 

Love is burning thing. It'll change your life forever. But as a word, it's also kind of meaningless.  We love chocolate, we love puppies, we love God. God is love. God loves us.

But God's love for us isn't just some passive, warm feeling, like my love of dark beer. God's love is active, intentional and costly, it accomplishes things and it transforms lives.

I think we can all benefit from learning to love more powerfully.