Pastoring and leading a ministry is really hard work. You need to be a teacher, confidant, business consultant and spiritual guru all at once. But who are your people? Who backs you up and encourages you? Who do you get vulnerable with about your doubts and struggles? I’ve been in pastoral ministry for years. I know how isolating it can be, and I know first-hand the toll of burnout, depression and anxiety. I also know the healing power of God and the restorative effects of community, even transient “internet community.” So I’m offering some free supports for you below.

Book 1 hour of free CONVERSATION

No strings attached. You need someone to share with? Share with me. You need to chew over an idea out loud without your local people hearing about it? I’ll listen. Totally confidential and low-key, we’ll jump on a video or audio call and talk. If you want to pray together or even do some meditation and mindfulness exercises, we can do that too. It’s your emotionally safe space to open up.

tips and resources

Here’s a selection of things I’ve written or recorded to encourage you, inspire you to lift your gaze, and equip you for the work ahead. I hope they help!