Jonathan is a jack-of-all-trades and something of a renaissance man. From computer technician to actor, handyman to business strategist, copywriter to pastor, Jonathan has done it all. An Ennegream Type 2, his greatest passion is to help others, whatever their area of need. Jonathan runs a successful consultancy practice focusing on the following areas:

Business & Charities

After 13 years in charities and business administration fulfilling a variety of directorships, Jonathan has a rich set of strategic leadership and project management skills to draw from.

Publishing & Writing

Jonathan launched and ran a publishing company for Christian books and music, and can help you turn your idea into reality. Whether you need a ghostwriter, an editor, or help with self-publishing your work, reach out to Jonathan today.

Marketing & Web

Jonathan has helped small businesses, private entrepreneurs and corporations design and launch websites and build robust marketing plans for their brand. Does your web presence need an overhaul? It’s probably faster and less expensive than you might expect.

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