Who owns these basic words?

I was bored today and had some time on my hands... I spent that time finding out what sites were at interesting places like "yes.com" or "no.com" for example. You may enjoy the fruits of my research... but likely you won't. My favourite pick is "down.com" for showing just a touch of character. blue.com - news aggregator red.com - Digital cinema company and community yellow.com - yellowpages black.com - Africa focussed news aggregator white.com - domain squatter

off.com - Off! bug repellent on.com - chat site like chatroullete

hot.com - Obama site? cold.com - domain squatter

good.com - Technology firm bad.com - domain squatter

yes.com - internet user radio and chat, like chatroullete meets last.fm no.com - norwegian search engine using Google

up.com - Union Pacific railroad company down.com - dictionary definitions for the word "down"

left.com - Left Field Productions video game company right.com - Manpower and management services company wrong.com - domain squatter

in.com - Yahoo style news and views out.com - Out Magazine for gay culture

smart.com - Smart brand cars dumb.com - popular games, jokes, sites and news

empty.com - coming soon... full.com - domain squatter

cute.com - domain squatter ugly.com - Comedy Central site for Ugly Americans pretty.com - domain squatter beautiful.com - Redirects to pg.com (Proctor and Gamble)

thin.com - domain squatter thick.com - domain squatter

safe.com - Software company who make CAD/spatial design software dangerous.com - Coming soon, site for extreme lifestyles including extreme sports, MMA, tattoos and piercings, clothing, etc. safety.com - "the official safety site of the internet", general safety tips danger.com - Subsidiary of Microsoft, makes mobile communications devices

funny.com - "your destination for anything funny", videos, pictures, jokes site sad.com - domain squatter