The keys to happiness

We had a party yesterday to celebrate and bless our son Ruuben, who was born in June. We packed over 30 people into our place, plus 8 or 9 kids under the age of 3 and had a crazy fun time. As you can imagine with so many people (and my acting the part of host), the time I had available to talk with people was minimal. And yet, I feel substantially closer to quite a few of the people that joined us yesterday. I didn't specifically spend any more time with these folks than others, but something about the act of sharing with them has really pulled me closer to them. I know a few of them feel the same way, as we received a really touching text message from someone today who was deeply impacted by the event yesterday. Deeply impacted by us sharing our food, our time, our home, and inviting them to join us on the journey of raising our son(s) together. I've been thinking about it pretty much all day today, even before we got that message; how blessed I was by the company of friends. I think it fitting then, that I read a post by my friend Sarah today. She is attempting to relax more in life, something I wish her all the best at, and she linked to this great TED talk on finding a global happiness index. At the end of the talk the host addresses 5 points that he believes lead to greater satisfaction and happiness in life:

1. Connect 2. Be active 3. Take notice 4. Keep learning 5. Give

Yesterday was all about connecting. Today I feel the residual warmth of yesterday's hours with friends, just as strong as the residual heat from a fire recently extinguished. It's powerful. I know from my own life experience that the other 4 steps are equally important.

Point #2: Tomorrow night is squash night.

Point #3: I'm "working hard" to take an actual break from work these days, usually spent on my balcony reading and enjoying the view, noticing the seasons and the sounds. I need to read a little less sometimes, and just take in the view a little more.

Point #4: Maija and I are reading a fantastic book together before bed, The Kosher Sutra, which is all about rediscovering passion for life by uncovering a greater eroticism in the bedroom. I am learning a hell of a lot.

Point #5: We did some of this yesterday, but this is honestly something I am struggling with at present. There is not a lot of time left in the day, after work and kids... I tend to feel quite selfish with what little time I have to myself. I would like to find more opportunities to give in a greater variety of ways.

I recite these not to toot my own horn, but to show it's really not a hard list to pursue. I've lost the inspiration to write anymore though... so watch the video and take it easy.