Perspective and Priorities

Andrew Gazaneo quoted a comment from Marc Driscoll, about perspective, which I liked:

"You can pray for a woman I just met. Got off alcohol only to get on prescription drugs, just lost her 2 little kids to the state, & her husband got arrested for beating her. Meanwhile, some people are really frustrated that their 3G connection is slow. Perspective is a great gift."

I just finished a poll for Avaaz, a worldwide human action network. And the results from 40,000+ members trouble me slightly:

Is this right?

I don't care about the specifics of global warming (or cooling), or climate change perse... but I am committed to being less wasteful and destructive on this planet. But not if it means I must turn a blind eye on HUMAN issues. I think Avaaz is a good organization, but it troubles me how their members have prioritized the above list.