Firefox officially still sucks

Mozilla just launched The Kraken, a new benchmarking tool for future-facing browers. I'm a fan of Mozilla as a foundation, but I don't care for their flagship product. Now, they've been busy telling everyone that Firefox 4 is going to be "the shit"... so obviously their efforts are currently focused on the new version, but I thought I'd test out their current browser version, 3.6.9 anyway. Up against the Fox, is the shiny new Google Chrome v6.0.472.55. Full disclaimer: I love Google Chrome. It is the bestest. Also in the running is Internet Explorer 8, because it still has market share. Sadly.

My PC specs: Dell Latitude E6500, running Windows 7 Pro x64 Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.54Ghz, 3GB RAM.

Both browsers had lots of tabs open, including Gmail windows and/or Slashdot which are pretty Javascript intensive.

Google Chrome

Running the Kraken in my current Chrome session gave me no noticeable slowdown or impact on my other browsing. I kept my Slashdot window open and read some more news while the Kraken did it's thing. I ran this test first, and it seemed fairly unremarkable... until I tested the other browsers :) Total time: 18081.8ms. You can see my results here.

Mozilla Firefox

Running the Kraken in my Firefox session made FF pretty much unusable. I had Gmail open and was trying to read an email, but it could barely even scroll up and down the page. Switching to other tabs took up to 5 seconds. This is likely due to the lack of process segmentation in FF3.

Total time: 27397.4ms You can see my results here.

Internet Explorer

Running the Kraken in IE... was sort of like using Windows ME. To begin with, it started throwing "The script on this page is taking a long time to execute" errors, about every 5 seconds. I was forced to cancel the Kraken, look up what registry hacks I would need to implement to disable the warning, and then restart the whole thing. Thanks Microsoft! Once it finally started to "work", the browser became COMPLETELY unusable. It was essentially frozen. If I tried to change tabs, it might take 1 or 2 minutes to respond, then sometimes it would load the tab. But don't bother scrolling down the page. As I write this, IE has taken at least 10 minutes on these scripts so far. I continue to wait. After another 15 minutes or so, my CPU has hit 100% and all computer usage is now becoming painful. Almost an hour since I began, I think it's almost done now...

Total: 409269.4ms (over 6 minutes! of benchmark time) You can see my results here.

Microsoft is also talking grand about improvements to IE9. For today at least, Chrome is still by far the leader of the current generation of browsers possessing the most market share. The future will be a buyers market, I do suppose :)