The church and homosexuality

I just finished reading 2 excellent essays by gay Christians, examining the two opposing viewpoints within the church, and especially the gay Christian community. I love reading honest, well researched and well thought out arguments. The two viewpoints referred to are thus:

I believe that homosexuality is an “issue” that remains un-dealt-with, in much of Christianity today. I know of too many homosexual people who love Jesus, who have had grievous sins committed against them by others who profess love for Christ, because of their homosexuality. It saddens me. As is pointed out in one of the essays, regardless of your viewpoint, homosexuality may be THE issue – like slavery in the past – that Western Christianity as a whole currently faces, or isn’t facing because of ignorance to the necessity of facing it.

How’s that for a run on sentence? I, like CS Lewis, use run on sentences to full effect. But enough of me. I highly recommend that you read these two essays. They are long, by casual internet reading standards, but they are well written and I believe do closely and fairly examine both sides of the argument.

May God lead you to love and peace.