Sencity 2009

I'll be spinning at Sencity 2009 here in Jyväskylä. I'm seriously looking forward to this gig for a number of reasons. First off, this is my first gig in my (new) home town... so that's wicked. I haven't gotten my ass out the door enough since moving here to find any cool clubs... I know they're here but I've never visited them. Fixing that problem :) Second, I'll be busting out my Numark Stealth Control, which has turned out to be a lovely piece of hardware. I've been playing with lots of different configurations, and have settled on one that works for now. I've opened Pandora's box though... controllerism is the way forward, friends!

Third, Sencity is unlike any event I've ever played at, probably unlike any event most DJs have played at... being that it's heavily marketed to the hearing impaired. The idea of Sencity is that it's a club event for everyone, targeting all 5 senses. Deaf, blind, giften with both sight and hearing... everyone will get something out of it. They have DJs, VJs, live performing artists, a vibrating dance floor, on-site massage therapists, dancers, aroma DJs, and even hair-stylists. It's very cool. But it also poses some challenges when thinking about tracks and "packing my crate", knowing that a decent percentage of the crowd will be only fealing the music, and only feeling a certain spectrum of the music at that.

(I put packing my crate in quotations because I'm a digital DJ... no crate.) Anyway... downloading music now. I can't wait. There's too much good music out there.