Safari 4 and the competition

I tried out the latest beta of Apple's Safari web browser, and I have to say I'm impressed. I've never cared for Safari at all, but the latest version in my mind brings it's features, layout and usability up to fighting level. I don't really care for the cover-flow eye candy, and aside from that everything else it boasts as new have been in Opera and/or Chrome already, but it seems a pretty decent browser. Lifehacker have updated their browser comparison charts, and Safari fares fairly well. However, Google Chrome is still proving itself to be the new hotness overall.

Which urks me. I love Chrome. It's an absolutely fantastic browser. But I don't trust Google at all. They're the devil, I'm pretty sure. So I really wish I didn't love Chrome as much as I do.

In any case, I think it's just about time to move away from Firefox. It's tiring me. The insane memory usage and weekly browser crashes are taking their toll. Oh, speaking of browser crashes... one thing Safari has definitely got WRONG is it's lack of tab process isolation. Chrome and IE8 are both half a step ahead of the pack in this regards, giving each browser tab their own process. This has the positive benefit of allowing one tab to crash without bringing down the whole browser. As web apps become increasingly sophisticated, memory intensive, and poorly written (this isn't going to change), tab isolation will become more and more important. Firefox and Safari both need to jump on this train... I don't recall if Opera is doing it yet.