Highs and lows

I'm in Toronto for 2 weeks (half-way through now), for the occasion of Mike Livingston and Brieanna Enwiechter's wedding... and also to launch some new websites for work. I'm having a serious case of highs and lows... some evenings are spent with friends having a great time, other evenings spent late in the office trying to get this project completed. I'm missing home, missing the family... and am feeling a bit distant from God at present. It's interesting to me... I find my experience of Christ changes over time. At present it seems intricately linked to my family, to my home. To the day to day. Tidying, working (from home), playing with James, loving my wife, are all spiritual matters. I believe life is inherintly spiritual. Now that I am removed from that usual climate, the forms of worship now typical for me... I feel empty, drained, exhausted, lonely. The struggles at work seem harder to clime over... the battles harder and faught with less support.

But as I said... highs and lows. I'm sitting in the lobby of a hotel where I'm staying for the weekend (currently waiting) for the wedding of one of my best friends. He was my best man, in fact. We're going to have a blast. 2 hours from now I won't feel or sound so melancholy at all.

Also... a friend of mine passed away from cancer this week, so I know that's weighing on my mind and my soul.

Aghh... I'm rambling now. I know this reads very melancholy... I'm really not depressed... just trying to vent a little of my frustration/sadness/low energy, before the rest of the wedding party arrives :)