Great Plains - invalid pathnames file

In years gone by we've used Great Plains Dynamics as our financial software at work. We transitioned off it in 2006, but still have to keep it around for auditing purposes. We had a power failure a little while back, and the machine that GP is running on died, and on reboot Great Plains didn't work. In my busyness I didn't really bother with it, until I got a call that we had an audit coming up on some ancient history. When opening GP, we received the error:  "Your path to the data is incorrect.  Please enter the location of you Pathnames File." I took a look around, but couldn't find any obvious solutions. We were using Pervasive SQL on the backend, which I'm told is really a flat file DB.

I called Microsoft support, but they've stopped supporting our version of Great Plains of course. Thankfully, after digging through old records and talking to previous employees, I was able to get in touch with Rimrock Corporation. They're situated in Toronto and are Great Plains support experts. Evidently they set us up when we first started with Great Plains Dynamics.

So, after just a couple of minutes looking around, their support agent had me set the pathnames file to "C:Dynamics" which is were the main GP Dynamics install was. After that it prompted for a drive mapping, but it had everything listed that it needed... another OK click, and we were in. Fully functional again... just in time for the audit.

So big thanks to Rimrock Corporation. If you've got a problem with Great Plains Dynamics, especially an old version (version 6 in our case), they'll save your life.