While you were sleeping

One of the parts of holidays that I'm most torn about is losing touch with news. Part of me enjoys being unplugged, and not worrying about anything. But part of me feels like things are happening and I'm not involved. So the first few "normal" days after holidays, especially one this long, involve a lot of news catchup. And since my holidays involve so much reading, it's time for some writing as well. MacBook Air Review - Typically well researched and written piece from Engadget. Bottom line for me: battery life and connectivity suck unwashed dishes. I'm not opposed to ordering one for an employee who'd like it though. Beyond that, I'm not a big fan of their boxy keys, though backlight is great. For the record Dell also packs full keyboards into their ultra-portables, and those models are really really nice. But not as nice to look at, of course.

Amazon are opening their store to the world - This is lovely news. I've loved the Amazon MP3 store, but not living in the US makes it a pain, as I have to employ some cunning in order to get it to work. I HATE Apple for the regional restrictions on the iTunes music store. If you're not using the US store, you may as well be using the SUCK store. I'm not fool enough to think this is Apple's decision perse, I know regionalisation is a record label issue, but if Amazon are able to get past this, surely Apple could.

Smartphone patent issued, everyone sued - I've not written at any length on here about the patent problem, but those of you I've spoken to will know what I'm talking about. The US patent system is a laughable mess. This is important... read the page after the link. Remember that IBM owns the patent to "online advertising."

Outdoor activities benefit could from video game tax - The world still doesn't understand video games, or anything, for that matter. If we are to tax video games and televisions for causing obesity, perhaps we should tax parents for causing murder? The irony is my suggestion may be more logical.