What to do with the Canadian government

If you've been following Canadian politics at all, you'll know the last month has seen some very interesting headlines. I'm convinced now more than ever, that what Canada needs most is electoral reform. The current system of election is so remarkably unrepresentative of the population's desires, that it's no wonder we end up with back to back no-confidence votes and posturing to take over the government. No matter who you support, I believe you owe it to yourself to examine the way our government is elected, and to look at the alternatives. Fair Vote Canada is a nonprofit, multi-partisan advocacy group for electoral reform in Canada. They published a paper back in 2005, on making Every Vote count, which you can read here. If that links goes down, I'm hosting a copy here as well. I encourage everyone to read it in it's entirety, to gain an understanding of the voting alternatives, allowing you to decide for yourself if you think we're currently being represented fairly.

(We're not, by the way.)