Toronto next week

I'll be flying into TO on Sunday, and staying till Wednesday 27th. Jacob Murphy eat your heart out. Sadly it'll only be me coming, as TACF is flying me in to do some work, have some meetings, plan out the year. That kinda stuff, so Maija's staying here. Some Christmas presents arrived yesterday. Yesterday being care of Canada Post I suppose... one was sent December 10th :) In any case, my wonderful sister Krista gave me some iTunes gift cards, which is superb because I had been craving new music.

Right now I'm listening to the new Project 86 EP, The Kane Mutiny. It's hot stuff. I also just bought the "'64-'95" album by Lemon Jelly, but haven't had a listen through yet. Comments will come. At this point I'm town between waiting for Eluveitie's new album (next week), picking up some other new metal, or maybe getting "Classics" by Ratatat. Is anyone listening to Ratatat? They're so great.

OH! And speaking of music. Go here now for some GREAT music by Noah DeSmit. Seriously. Indie Electronica Folk hotness.