re: blogging

A friend of mine just started a new blog, hit it up at He's a very cool guy with immeasurably more DJ experience than I. He posted the requisite "about blogging" post, yesterday. For my own records more than anything else, here's why and what I blog:

- to empty my head (I think about too many things, too much of time, blogging helps empty my head)... though this is something I haven't been doing much lately - to link to cool stuff - to make mention of things I think are important - to keep a record of things for myself (I generally try to blog about something rather than bookmark it, depending on the nature of the item) - to keep people up to date with my life and my family (stay tuned on this one) - to maintain a web presence - to keep a history for myself, of where I'm at in life, what my skills and challenges are, my thoughts on things, my theology and perspectives

I also import my blog feed into Facebook, so the content is there under "Notes", which allows those who don't read my blog here to get it there. If anyone even cares about Facebook anymore. I spend less time there every week, but it's serving it's purpose just fine (keeping me in touch with friends and family).