Ratatat - LP3

Those crazy boys of Ratatat have released a new album, their third, aptly named LP3. Altogether, it's a blend of the Ratatat you love, with the Ratatat you've never heard. They've noticeably shied away from their hip hop influences, and have employed a bit more Spanish guitar influence, more eclectic percussion styles, and thrown in some awesomely bizarre instrumentation. It's really quite different, in a lot of ways. My favourite tune is certainly the big single, Mirando (video below). It's phatter than the rest of the album, and has more flare at the same time. Has a great 8bit video game sound to it. Shempi is a close second, which showcases some great synth rhythms and the expected layered guitars. Gipsy Threat is a fun and furious little ditty.

It's a bit shorter than I would have wanted, but I like more of the tracks in it than I did with Ratatat or Classics. I can't give it more than 4/5, it's pretty good, but it's not incredible. Now go to listen to Mirando!