Providing clean power to disaster stricken areas

Found this on Engadget today:clean power via floating solar

Getting power to disaster-affected areas is always a tough task, but Andrew Leinonen's undergrad industrial design thesis (and recent first place entry in the 2008 ACIDO Rocket Show) might be able to solve the problem in an efficient and clever way. Dubbed Solarial, the idea is to use small unmanned airships made out of materials embedded with CIGS solar cells to autonomously deliver clean power to disaster sites by deploying anchored "power boxes" that have 12 total 120V outlets and 2 240V sockets.

I think this is absolute genius. As one of the commenters said, feels like "Why didn't we think of this already?" You could build units to specific sizes for specific power requirements, and float them high enough to avoid clouds. There's another concept that's been around for doing similar things with communications technology.