More reasons to stay away from GoDaddy

The first few domains I set up I had hosted with GoDaddy, as they seemed like a decent company. I moved my domains away from GoDaddy a couple of years ago, as I started to feel uneasy about them, but couldn't put my finger on anything in particular (other than fishy pricing). Over the last couple of years a lot has been surfacing about their business practices, and other things I didn't agree with. I moved TACF's domains away from GoDaddy, largely due to their Superbowl adverts (which I find amusing, but tasteless). A little while ago ICANN slapped GoDaddy down for their domain expiry and information update policies. Turns out, GoDaddy told ICANN "Alright, we'll be good," but didn't actually change a thing. Now we have more ammunition. GoDaddy VP caught bidding against customers Honestly, these guys are just scum now.

Someone on Slashdot has compiled a nice list of articles: