Memory is a fickle siren's song

We arrived in Paris on Sunday evening, and spent Monday sightseeing in the city. We hit up a number of monuments, that I will list later once I can spell them correctly. We visited a small church in Belleville where I lived for a time as a child. I remembered some parts of it, but much had changed. We spent yesterday in Versailles, which was really lovely, and today back in Paris and travelling out the countryside where we are now. Tomorrow we'll be exploring the country village I spent 6 months growing up in. A lot can (and has) changed in 15 years, it would seem. It is quite strange, walking back in memories many years old. I keep expecting my mind to go *bang* and all these memories start coming back, like Jason Bourne. Not that I've lost any memories perse, but you know what I'm saying.