it felt like Kōji Kondō was there too

Maija and I went to a wedding today, for a friend of ours who has moved to Jyvaskyla. He's the brother of one of Maija's best friends, so it was a special day, and a really beautiful wedding. We hope to spend more time with them once we're back from Toronto. The ceremony was held in the Lutheran church of Jyvaskyla building, and the reception in a hotel not far from here. The highlight of the day was surely seeing how happy they were with each other, they were so gorgeous... but, in close second place was the genius pianist who provided entertainment! Right off the bat it was obvious the guy was talented, and had a good repertoire. For the first part of the wedding reception he played the themes from a number of films, and other general feel good music, with a few classical pieces thrown in. And then, out of nowhere, he busts out the Super Mario Brothers theme music. And I'm not talking about a little tribute, 45 seconds of Mario level 1 kind of thing... oh no. He played a good 3 minutes of dungeon level, underwater level, etc. It was superb! I gave a brief clap of appreciation as soon as he started, but when he was done fully half the room were cheering and clapping for him! What a legend. Every wedding I go to that does not feature video game theme music will pale in comparison.

For your listening pleasure, Mr Kōji Kondō's finest works.