Half way home

We're back in Hong Kong. Not here long enough for a visit outside this time. The flight from Auckland was fine, Cathay Pacific staff are very friendly and attentive, and the Airbus A340 is quite roomy and comfortable. We'll see how British Airways stacks up for the next flight. We've both loved our holiday in NZ. It's been incredible really; it was a gift to begin with and it's just been so much fun the whole time. We totally don't deserve the generosity everyone has showered on us. Six weeks has been an incredible time to recharge, hang out, catch up and all everything.

That said, we are both eager to get back to some routines. I'm quite excited to get back to work, though I don't think Maija's particularly thrilled about school. There's quite a bit of uncertainty this year with exactly what her work will look like (given the nature of the Master's thesis, it's a bit open-ended, and that can give rise to difficulties scheduling and planning your work), and whether we'll end up in Africa as part of it or not.

So, 13 hours from now we'll be in London, then a few hours later we'll be in Helsinki. After we pickup the bag we had to leave there 6 weeks ago we'll be on a 3 hour train ride home. Add to that the visit to my family in Northland 3 weeks ago, and then the driving we did in the South Island two weeks ago, plus to and from last week's Gisborne holiday, and we are sick to death of vehicular transport. I can't wait to get back to my bicycle!