Developing games with pirates

There are a serious lack of pirate themed video games. There really is. If Bungie ever follow through on their famous joke to produce a call called "Pimps at Sea," I will be in rapture. Dirty dirty rapture. But that's not what this is about. Cliff 'Cliffski' Harris, owner of Positech Games (a small indie games developer), formerly of Lionhead Studios (much respect), has caused a bit of a stir recently by publicly asking game piraters why they pirate his games. He's just published a letter summarizing the responses, and how he plans to adjust his methods and games based on the feedback received. I think this is absolutely top notch. I don't know the number of times I have had a problem with a game, and literally not known where to turn. Most triple A game developers are silent monoliths, offering no support or assistance for the game you've shelled out upwards of 50$ for.

Chris, I want to say "Good freaking job." This kind of creative thinking is what the video games industry needs more of. Your public commitment to offering better support is pure gold, and I hope it nets serious revenue for you. For my part, I'll be buying a couple of your games shortly, once my current financial pressures have worn off a bit.