Body science

A few articles have sprung out at me this week, on the incredible advances in science and medicine. It's something I've been thinking a bit about over the last 6 months, but anyway. Enjoy: Turning off the speech centre in the brain, with magnets. (You've GOT to watch the video.)

I wanted to recite the rhyme but stumbled and stuttered as my speech area was disabled... Intriguingly, I could still sing Humpty Dumpty as he buffetted my Broca's: it turns out that singing is controlled by the right side of the brain, the opposite hemisphere to the one he stimulated.

Robotic surgery on woman's brain tumour

Calgary doctors have made surgical history, using a robot to remove a brain tumour from a 21-year-old woman.

Amputee cleared to quality for "regular" Olympics The point of this article is that the guy won a case allowing him to compete with regularly abled athletes, and that just blows my mind. The focus and energy you'd have to have, what a guy.