Back in the saddle

In at least 3 ways. 1. Back in Finland. Toronto was great, got a lot of good work done, hung out with *almost* everyone I wanted to, and generally had a productive and fun time. Brought 2 suitcases back of belongings for Maija and I (go Monopoly and Risk!)

2. I foolishly left the power adapter for my laptop in Toronto, and have had to use Maija's MacBook this week. Which pains me, literally and figuratively. But thanks to the speedy and remarkably cheap shipping of Spring Global Mail, I have my power adapter again! W00t.

3. I bought a voltage converter in Toronto, and then a VGA adapter when I got back, and now I've got some sweet Xbox 360 gaming up in here. You do not know how good it feels. I finally got to take the wrapper off Bioshock last night.

And just like they say, the first time you fight a Big Daddy, you get owned.

AND! I have a new mix that I'll upload soon, I think you'll love it.