Amazon's new packaging initiative: Oh please oh please!

I came across Jeff Bezos' announcement on Amazon yesterday, regarding their new packaging plan. Slashdot reported it as well. Basically, they've convinced a number of manufacturers to simplify and green-ify their product packaging, and are hoping this will catch on over the next few years. All I can say is good freaking job Amazon. Here is a company using it's clout to effect some positive change. I am sick of the massive amount of plastic and crap I get sent when I order just about anything, from just about anywhere. Simplicity of opening is one thing, as I have certainly sliced my fingers (and mouth) when trying to open plastic sealed RAM and memory cards, not to mention toys. But the materials used are what urks me the most; so much plastic for often small items. It's very wasteful.

My only fear is that this may result in some cases of mindless box sizing. Like the example I posted previously of HP sending ridiculous packaging, we get the same thing from Ingram Micro and CDW. They generally have a set number of box sizes, and the minimum size may be much larger than some of the items they ship. Periodically you'll get a USB hub smaller than your fist arriving in a 1 foot by 1/2 foot box. Sad really. But if companies can avoid this pitfall, then more power to Amazon and this great initiative!