All systems are go

Work has been pretty wild lately. I was talking to my boss today and I said that IT at TACF is probably about as full-on as it has been in about 5 years. - I'm managing the relaunches of 5+ websites, which as anyone familiar with that process knows, can be a crapload of work. We're going to rebuild our DotNetNuke infrastructure from a clean slate, as we've been upgrading this thing since version 2, and have fundamentally different requirements since the customizations made at that time. - We're ramping up our CRM/ERP application, Everest, customizing it more than we've ever done, utilizing more areas of it than we've ever done, and plan to have the remaining departments at TACF into the system within the next 6 months. This has been a mammoth effort, for the last 3 years, and we're nearing the next phase, which is optimization and cleansing. - We're developing a bunch of sweet applications to make our lives easier and more productive. - We're testing an Asterisk based VoIP solution and integration with our existing PBX, to leverage all sorts of great new features. We're also looking at a Jabber/XMPP server (Openfire) and rolling out staff wide intranet chat. - We're evaluating a large software rollout for the final few months of this year, possibly rolling out Office 2007 to our staff. Our long term plans involve more open source usage, like Open Office, so I'm hoping we can use Office 2007 for a couple of years, and then when it's time to move on from that we go open. - We're also finally examining Windows Server 2008, and what systems of ours could benefit from that.

There's lots of other stuff too... it's all go. It's exciting. I love it.