5 most laughable terms of service on the internet

Do you ever actually read the terms of service you agree to, when you sign up for things online? Facebook, Google apps, whatever... You really should. I can't claim that I do either, but I should. For your enjoyment, via Slashdot.

According to these five terms of service and EULA, Google owns any content you create using its Chrome browser and can filter your Gmail messages if it likes. Facebook says it can sell its users' uploaded images as stock photography. YouTube can keep footage of your kids forever, even after you've deleted it from the site. And AOL can ban you for using vulgar language on AIM. Funny, right? That's why Valleywag calls them 'The 5 most laughable terms of service on the Net.'

Note that Google have since updated the EULA for Chrome so that they DON'T own anything you create. Thank the lords of Kobol.