Truth and Evil

I finished reading Bram Stoker's Dracula last night. What a truly excellent book. I encourage you to read it. So many great elements and things going on. It's told from the perspective of 5 different people, so the diction and world-view is constantly changing. Remember it's set in the 19th century, so there's a lot of superstition, but "everyone believes in God." It's fascinating to read how they put everything down to God, and in light of the spiritual happenings relating to the vampires, they have perfect room for God and his salvation. It seems to me that today someone might say there's no such thing as vampires, and talk about there being no mention in Scripture, and "how would they fit into everything spiritually anyway?" I'm not saying I believe in vampires, it's simply an interesting comentary on the times. That and the fact that while reading the book lots of things will seem cliché. But, this book laid the groundwork for everything that seems cliché... this is the old school, baby. I started reading Velvet Elvis, by Rob Bell. So far I like it much, it's sort of his manifesto on Christian faith; how God designed us and our relationship and the Bible to constantly be challenged and re-interpreted and re-invigorated and what it means to be a Christian constantly re-invented as our times change. Like that? It's tight. Draw any conclusions between the book and my statements about Dracula and the modern church you like. NOTHING IS BY ACCIDENT.

And... I downloaded the demo for Overlord from Xbox Live Marketplace. What a freaking awesome game. Remember Black & White? Take that... roll it in with Fable (yes, also from Lionhead)... but you can only be evil. Your moral debate is not whether to be good or bad... but how bad? They change up the game (literally and figuratively) by allowing you to control gremlin-like "Minions" with your right thumbstick, that you can sweep around, dispatch to do various shenanigans, and so on. It's totally great. I'll be buying it for sure.

Planning continues apace for our move to Finland. My dear mother and brothers move home to New Zealand in a matter of days... I really haven't even considered that fact yet.