So close...

We were doing so well. We were at the airport nice and early, met some friends (one of whom was traveling at the same time as we were), found out said friends had just got engaged (congratulations Satu and Tukka!). Then we checked in, waited around, did some shopping, the usual drill. Only to find out our flight to Frankfurt was delayed, at first "indefinitely", and then finally by 2 hours. Just sufficient to ruin all our connecting flights. We could go to Frankfurt anyway, but there's no other flights to Sydney, they're all full. There's only 3 of us needing the flights... ALL FULL. There's also nothing else, through London, anywhere. So they'll put is in a hotel and arrange flights for tomorrow, no big deal. Except there's no available rooms in Helsinki, on a Tuesday night, so we're driven 45 minutes to Porvo. The hotel's pretty great, it's a spa it seems. Might take in some special treatment tomorrow morning as payment for these woes (no one here has my credit card, thanks Finnair).

Tomorrow we'll be driven back to the airport, and fly to Hong Kong. We get in early in the morning, and don't leave till the afternoon, so we may try and take a look a quick look around. Anyone have any recommendations, real quick? Then we're off to Auckland.