Rude awakening

The firewall alarm in our building went off this morning. It was the first time it has, while we've been here.I supposed it could have been worse; it went off at 6:45am, and it turned out to be nothing.

Maija shakes me out of bed to go and "turn off the alarm." I return with the report that it's the building alarm, and she must get dressed. Once dressed we take the stairs down 7 flights and go into the lobby. There are 2 other people who had left their homes, haha. Firemen and women arrived pretty much as soon as we got to the lobby, which is a level of service that I am happy with. The first fire person in the door was a remarkably attractive woman, this commented by my wife first, and then confirmed by me. (That's the way of things when you're married.) By the time 4 firepeople had managed to get inside, the 5th had already started returning to the truck, telling everyone it was "OK, someone had burned their breakfast." Which was exactly the comment I made to the two neighbours down there, it smelled like burnt toast.

Disaster averted. Off to work.