Packing up your life

In some ways we feel like we're planning a wedding again, in that we've been given 3 months to pack up our lives and move on to something new and exciting, and a little scary. I've filled out my paperwork for Finnish First Residence, which I'm eligible for due to Maija being a citizen. Resume's are getting sharpened up, I'm sitting my G test next week. Someone's going to teach us to drive standard. We've started thinking about what will go in boxes. I cut off my one year beard. You know...

The thing that's fascinating to me about this move, is how little handle we have on my working situation. Theoretically my paperwork should go through just fine, and I'll be able to work in Finland. My current hurdle is that all the job hunting sites are in Finnish, so there's not much of that going on. I could end up finding a pretty good job, but I have no idea how to do that. It's likely I'll continue to work for TACF in some capacity, at least until either one of us can do without the other.

To that end, I've added a donation button in the top corner. We're not asking for donations, though if you agree with us that moving has tangible expenses, and you'd like to help us with ours, it'd be greatly appreciated :)

For now, I'm trying to find the best way to learn Finnish here in Toronto. Rumour has it U of T offers classes sometimes.