Need money for music

I've been trying to find some new music... not that it's difficult... just been spending time exploring new artists, styles. I should have a new mix out fairly shortly exposing some of that music. That'll be the electronica, synth-pop variety... I guess. Aside from that, I've been listening to a lot of metal, again. I'm desperately awaiting Eluveitie's next album, and have been listening to Spirit over and over this week. I'm thinking of purchasing As I Lay Dying's latest, and am eagerly awaiting the new Project 86 EP. I can't believe those kids have new music again already. Crazy.

Tonight while playing Scrabble we listened to Rufus Wainwright, care of MySpace. I'd always meant to check out his music, ever since I heard him on Moulin Rouge, and Andrew Gazaneo subsequently recommended him. I very much enjoyed "Sanssouci".