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Functional exoskeleton. Looks crazy. I want one. Guitar Hero 3... will it blend? That is the question.

The 10 wildest gamers you have EVER seen. Tetris and Mario impress me the most. I pooped myself while watching this.

My own gaming took a sudden turn for the better, followed by a decisive turn to the nonexistent, just a few hours ago. Our neighbors brought a projector over and we watched Little Miss Sunshine (hadn't seen it in 6 months). I suggested he might let me keep the projector for the weekend, and upon his answering to the affirmative my 360 was immediately unpacked.

Big Tetris

Projector View

The power and audio required a little jerry-rigging. 10 minutes of rigging for the sound, to be honest. Power


The fun lasted precisely 11 minutes. That's 1 minutes of full stereo. Then everything went dark. Turns out the 360 draws an average of 250watts or thereabouts, while my voltage changer only handles 100. I spent the rest of the evening and following morning researching my options and calling every store in Jyväskylä for higher wattage voltage changers or European 360 power adapters. All to no avail my friends. No avail.