Mac OS X Leopard

Ars Technica has a typically excellent review of Apple's latest operating system. (The review is excellent in it's craftmanship; the quality of the OS you can decide.) Maija won't be getting it for a while, solely due to cost and no perceived benefits. She's still trying to figure out how everything is done in Tiger, a task that I cannot always help with. I honestly do not understand the way you have to do many things in OS X.

Like any editing! Maija has me editing her essays; the following things drive me drive me nucking futs: - the inability to forward delete (delete key on non-Mac keyboards) - having to remember to use the Apple key rather than CTRL for all the keyboards shortcuts (I use keyboard shortcuts like a fiend) - typerate is wierd, and the speed (read slowness) of the cursor moving across the page when you're holding down an arrow key - lack of home, end, page up, page down. I know I can accomplish these with the FUNC key... but I don't have to do anything fancy on my Dell laptop keyboard (so don't talk to me about space problems). AND the behaviour isn't consistent... sometimes when using Firefox I have to press the Apple key instead of the FUNC key to activate home/end, etc... and making the wrong choice sends me back a page.

If any Mac user can help me with these seemingly simple problems I'll be eternally grateful and my home will be filled with less yelling and cursing.