Leading worship for the School of Ministry, redux

Ed "The Watchman" King and I had the pleasure of leading worship again for TACF's School of Ministry again this morning. In contrast to last time, it seemed as if everyone was really into it today. I had a few conversations with people about it later in the day, as some of the staff members had heard the pounding bass coming through the walls, and had come over to take a look. I think I struck a really great balance this time, regarding knowing when to speak and when to let God work through the music alone. I had prayed this morning that I would be sensitive to when Holy Spirit wanted me to speak and when not to speak, and I felt a strong sense of peace about it the whole time. It was great to have Ed take the mic this time as well.

I found it amusing, various people asked very detailed questions about how we did things and why we did them the way we did. I think some found it surprising to hear this is really only the second time we've both done this, and we're still figuring out as we go along. I talked about the general idea though, which for Ed and I is the following:

- Foremost, worship is about the heart. That means words aren't necessarily required to worship God. (This revelation seems to help people get into it). It also means Ed and I need to be worshiping first of all. The worship leader is the lead worshiper, as they say.

- Second, we do our best to pick music that is uplifting and euphoric. God friendly samples are a bonus, but not necessary. Next, we try and speak into the mic (including but not limited to scripture) in a manner and amount that serves to keep people's minds and hearts focussed on God. The music gets people dancing, and with your heart and mind dwelling on God, your dance becomes a very natural expression of praise. Add to that the emotional response to the euphoric nature of the music, and people can have an intimate and personal experience of worship.

After having done a somewhat similar thing with the Toronto Groove Collective, and Nightwatch, I was challenged to never underestimate what God can do through music alone. As I said, I really felt peace about it today, and was actually off the mic more than last time.

I'm excited to see where this goes. A lot of people told me today they were really blown away, and that it was a totally fresh form of worship for TACF. Hearing that really hits me, as that same kind of mind-blowing worship is what got me into DJing in the first place.

So I'm stoked. Next up, Peter Lazar offered us the services of an opera singer. I'm not thinking too much of operatic trance, but if she's got a good voice it'll be interesting to see what comes of it.